Blender Tutorial for Beginners – Alarm Clock

This is a Blender tutorial that shows how to make an Alarm Clock. The tutorial is a 2 part video series that shows how to model the clock and setup the materials for it. The camera and lighting setups are also shown.

Video Info

  • Video published on YouTube Feb 27, 2013
  • Blender version used is 2.66

Using a Newer Version of Blender?

There have been changes to Blender since these video tutorials were made. Fortunately, as of Blender version 2.78a, the changes that affect the videos are minor. The relevant changes are listed below.

  • The Add menu is now at the bottom – Or you can press Shift A.
  • At 11:05 in Part 1 – You can download the clock face image at Note: This is not an issue associated with the Blender version. In this case, the location of the clock face image was simply not mentioned in the Video.
  • At 11:37 in Part 1 – After switching to Edit mode, while the mouse cursor is in the 3D View window on the right, press A once or twice until the whole front face is selected.
  • At 11:54 in Part 1 – At the bottom of the window on the left, click the Browse Image button and select the clock face image.

    Browse Image button Location
    Browse Image Button Location

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