Blender Tutorial – Precision Modeling

This Blender video demonstrates some Precision Modeling tips.

  • Blender version used is 2.79b

Measuring the Dimensions of an Object

If you’re going to make a 3D model of an actual object, then you need to determine the dimensions of the object. A nice tool that you can use is a digital caliper. It’s a versatile measurement tool with good accuracy. It can be used to measure the thickness or width of something.

Caliper Width Measurement

It can measure an inside diameter or the distance between two edges.

Caliper Inside Diameter Measurement

It can measure depth.

Caliper Depth Measurement

It can also make step measurements.

Caliper Step Measurement

After doing my research, I bought the I Gaging EZ Cal Digital Caliper and I’m very pleased with it. It’s got a nice large display and it measures in millimeters, inches, and inches with a fraction.

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